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Rouge Sucette: Whatever Next?

by Ian Blackshaw

According to the latest statistics, wine drinking amongst the French is on the decline. Only 17% of the French claim to drink wine on a daily basis. And the number of people, who never drink wine, has doubled to 38%. Whilst, the young people of France prefer to drink beer or spirits rather than wine.

To try to reverse this downward trend and to interest young people, in particular, in drinking wine, a Bordeaux wine maker, Hausmann Famille, part of Chateaux en Bordeaux, has introduced a new wine called ‘Rouge Sucette’ – in English, ‘Red Lollipop.’

Whatever is that, you may ask? Well, it is bottle of wine comprising 75% red wine and 25% sugar, water and cola flavouring. It has an ‘abv’ of 9% and, according to the makers, it is best served straight from the fridge. So far, the introduction of this new wine has drawn mixed reactions amongst the French youth.

As an aficionado of wine in general and French wine in particular, I regard this so-called new wine as an abomination and would be very surprised if it takes off! But, as they say, there is no accounting for taste!

Although I have not tried it, I am definitely with one French wine drinker who has remarked: “the very thought makes me cry in my chateauneuf-du-pape!” Whilst, on the other hand, another has said: “I’m always up for something new in the alcohol department!” But is wine all about alcohol, when all is said and done?

So, what do Frogsiders’ readers think about this new product? Please let us know your thoughts!