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More on “Welsh” ~ and a recipe

Following up on our recent post about the “Welsh Festival” in Boulogne,  The Pas De Calais Tourist Board has published a recipe for the local version of this famous dish, together with a very helpful explanation of the history of its name.

Here is the recipe:

And here is our translation of their explanation of the name’s derivation:

The dish was originally named Welsh Rabbit in order to signify its nature as a low quality substiute for rabbit meat.

In fact, during the 17th and 18th centuries, “Welsh” was the term commonly used for any counterfeit or substitute goods of a lower quality then the real thing.

In Wales the dish is called, “Caws-Wedi-Pobi” (meaning cooked cheese).  it is known in many countries on the European continent, where it is usually called “Ramequin”, or “Käseschnitte“.

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According to the experts of the Pas De Calais Tourist Board, this Welsh dish was originally made with “Chester” cheese (what we Brits call Cheshire), but is now made with Cheddar, since, they say, Cheshire is not so easily obtainable.