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La Galerie du Marais Art Show, Free Admission, La Madelaine Sous Montreuil

It seems the good weather has come along in the nick of time for an outdoor art exhibition about which Frogsiders has just received brief details.

There is a wonderful exhibition starting Monday at the Marais in Madelaine-sous-Montreuil – it is a beautiful location with streams, lakes and trees – and over 30 artists have installed various sculptures on the paths, hiding in the gardens and even hanging from the trees.

It is open from Monday 23 July to Sunday 5th August, from 3pm to 7pm each day. Entrance is free but the organisers do appreciate a 1€ donation per person (or you can join their association for 5€, and I assume be kept informed of future events).

Madelaine-sous-Montreuil is just below Montreuil-sur-Mer and boasts the Michelin-starred La Grenouillere restaurant. The exhibition is a bit tricky to find – but you will notice A4 size posters and arrows on all the lampposts once you approach the village. You have to park and walk along a path to the marais entrance.

And yes, of course, Nik has a piece in there!

Restaurant La Grenouillere at La Madelaine Sous Montreuil

In case you’re wondering about the “Nik”, mentioned in the last sentence, he is Nik Meergans, a talented British sculptor and ceramic artist living and working in the 7 Valleys Region, whose work Frogsiders has featured with enthusiasm, in a previous article.

The marais at La Madelaine Sous Montreuil is a very pretty area close to the banks of the River Canche,  ideal for a walk or a cycle ride on a warm summer day.  It is also the location of the famous Restaurant “La Grenouillere”, so you might want to consider treating yourselves to a very special day out.