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Two reasons to visit this Art Exhibition

American artists Montreuil


Reason 1.  It’s an exhibition of paintings by American artists who worked in the area of Montreuil, so if you live in the area or know the town you are going to see the place as different eyes saw it at a different time.


acary house montreuilReason 2.  The venue for the exhibition is the hotel Acary-de-la-Rivière, one of Montreuil’s finest town houses.  Yes, it is a bit run down at the moment, but see it now before its forthcoming restoration, and then go again afterwards for an impression of its full splendour.

The house, which was originally built as the home of a Marshal of the French army in 1810,  was bequeathed to the town of Montreuil by Mary Wooster in 1973, to serve a museum dedicated to peace.