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Local Author’s history of Anglo-French rivalry now on sale!

Eric Marmousez "Le Match"

Le “Match” Angleterre-France, Eric Marmousez’s history of Anglo-French rivalry and conflict, is available now in bookstores and online

England v France:  a history of rivalry, mistrust and misunderstanding

Local author Eric Marmousez has published his own version of the story comparing it to a “match”.  Marmousez examines long-lasting conflicts and rivalries, detailing the effects of a multiplicity of factors including language, archaeology, economic development, social and strategic objectives that have resulted in the fundamental and lasting differences between the two neighbouring nations.

L’Angleterre et la France : cela évoque immanquablement l’ancestrale rivalité, l’incompréhension et la méfiance.

L’auteur préfère qualifier notre histoire commune de « match »… En recoupant les apports de l’histoire économique, de la linguistique, de l’archéologie, d’éléments de stratégie militaire, de sociologie, l’enquête débouche sur les invariants spécifiques à nos deux nations.

Eric Marmousez lives in Groffliers near Berck.

Le “Match” Angleterre-France is available online from Editions Harmattan, from Amazon.co.uk, or Amazon.fr

Or buy it from your local bookstore.