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Northern France Scores Better Than Par for Golfers

The English gave so many sports to the World that that it’s nice for a change to find one that’s generally agreed to have its origins in Scotland. Although games similar to golf are on historic record as having been played in Holland and other countries, it is beyond dispute that the modern game is derived from the Scottish version.

Devotees of golf call it the greatest of all games. By its very nature it teaches patience, humility, concentration, and even-temper, while good manners and fair play are implicit in the rules. The player himself is the referee, recording his own accidental infractions and always awarding himself the appropriate penalty prescribed by the rules – no protests, arguments or intimidation. Imagine that in a game of football!

Golf came to France with British visitors in the Continue reading “Northern France Scores Better Than Par for Golfers” »

Le Touquet’s October “British Week”

It seems that visitors to Le Touquet during the week from 9 to 17 October will find themselves at the centre of a festival of all things British.

An exhibition of classic British cars is promised

There will be such very British events as a “Tea-Time Tennis Tournament” where you’ll be able to play in, or watch a friendly Anglo-French contest after which high tea will be served.

At the Ibis and Novotel hotels they’ll be serving a British style lunch menu, including the customary British “gambas roasted in the curry of India, duck breast Cumberland & pastry buffet“.

There will also be archery lessons and an archery tournament (Britain won the last fixture in 1415), and a seniors golf tournament against Continue reading “Le Touquet’s October “British Week”” »