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Is Carbon Dioxide worse than Satan?


When one person suffers from a delusion it is called insanity; when many people suffer from a delusion it is called religion.”

(Attributed to Robert Pirsig)

These 3 questions need to be answered in this order of priority:

  1. Is climate changing globally?  (There has been no measurable warming for 19 years, and zero increase in the frequency, scale or intensity of extreme weather events)

  2. If climate is changing globally, is anthropogenic CO2 the cause?  (Emissions caused by human activity have been rising, though they are still only a tiny proportion of the total of atmospheric CO2)

  3. If climate is changing globally, does the change present a danger to human life?  (So far, even after many years of  dire predictions from the UN’s IPCC, there is no evidence whatever that human life is threatened either by climate change or increasing CO2 levels.)

Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming – It is just another religion – isn’t it?

You don’t still believe in man-made climate change, do you?

You won’t find the views of scientists like Professor Bob Carter represented on the BBC or other state controlled media. Here’s the start of one of his lectures. There are plenty more eminent scientists whose views can only find an outlet on the internet and YouTube – because they don’t fall in line with the now discredited United Nations IPCC reports and, to keep them quiet, they’ve been deliberately frozen out of more conventional scientific publications and news media.

  • You’ll find more of Professor Carter and many eminent astro-physicists, climatologists, physicists and meteorologists on YouTube. Here’s an extract from another of Professor Carter’s lectures

  • What do you find more convincing? Al Gore’s Hollywood scary movie featuring a 20 ft rise in sea level and extinction for Polar Bears? The IPCC’s contention that we can restrict warming to exactly +2 degrees if only the rich western nations cut emissions by 50% or so while paying billions to the poorer nations not to increase their emissions? Or the scientists who say that carbon dioxide in trace quantities in the atmosphere, whether produced by human activity or not, is not and cannot be the cause of climate change?

  • Grumpy Old Woman

    The volcano is once again on the boil, interrupting the travel plans of UK residents and so soon after the last disruption. I am sure we would say it was an evil plot if this ash was coming from The Middle East or even Russia. I am old enough to remember when we blamed almost everything on the “Ruskies” including the weather. It is only now with “viral rumour mongering” that we allot poor weather to those of us who want to get around in our cars.  My reply is “why not” I believe that the motor car was invented for the betterment of our lives and I for one will continue to drive everywhere.

    To be honest I am fed up with the holier than though attitude insinuated on us car drivers by people clogging up the road with bikes. When I lived in London I could see some merit in going to work by pedal power and I was grateful for the extra space this afforded the rest of us on the trains and tube. However now I live in the country I am irritated by bike riders who mosey around with no other aim than to get a bit of exercise. If they would buy an electric or hybrid car I am sure that they could address the balance of their carbon foot print. This would make our roads far safer because I always seem to meet these people on a sharp bend or narrow lane.

    I suppose I’m feeling a little grumpy today because I am bored senseless by the election campaigns of the main parties. I am sure we are all a bit tired of the news reports appraising us of the latest poll counts and the endless explanations of what could happen if we get a hung parliament. So I can’t understand why the news channels haven’t noticed two very important and historic facts.

    Let’s take Nick Clegg’s rise in popularity, I for one am overcome with happiness. No, not because I am a Liberal I couldn’t care less about him but I am pleased because he did it on his own. I am bursting with pride because his wife refused to be his stooge on the campaign trail. She is an accomplished career woman who has her own life and goals and what’s more she is pursuing them regardless of her husband’s path in life. At last we have a political wife prepared to challenge the old fashioned and out of date expectations of an establishment that still needs change even after decades of so called “equality”.

    The second fact is that the Pound has made a meteoric rise since Gordon has been out of the office and leaving the running of the country to someone else. It seems it doesn’t matter who just as long as it isn’t Mr. Brown. So mate here is my message “on your bike”. Now that is one bloke I’d like to meet on a bend.

    Climate Shock! In 500 years time it might get a bit warmer!

    The faithful followers of the global warming religion tell us that the CO2 gas is evenly distributed throughout our planet’s atmosphere.  It is, they say a powerful “greenhouse gas” and that a very small increase in its concentration above present levels will dramatically change the climate on Earth.  I find this very hard to believe, as amateur observation, intuition and common sense tell me that it cannot be so.

    The other day the sun shone all day out of a clear blue sky and warmed the ground and the air.  It was a perfect Spring day.  That night, however, the clear cloudless sky allowed all the heat of the day to be radiated back into space, so the following morning started with a hard white frost on the ground.

    What does this tell us?  It suggests very clearly to me that, at a frostconcentration level of 380 or so parts per million, CO2 gas, which was certainly present that night in the atmosphere above and around my house, could not prevent all the sun’s heat of the previous day from being lost into space.  This demonstrates that atmospheric CO2 is not very effective as an insulating medium.  Before anyone argues that I’m talking about one particular night in one particular place, and that no conclusions can be drawn from this example, let me point out that this rapid cooling of Earth on clear nights is known the world over – even in the hottest places on Earth such as the Sahara desert, temperatures will plunge to near freezing on clear nights.

    On overcast nights, however, it is also well-established fact that the Earth does not lose so much heat by radiation to the sky, with the result that night time temperatures don’t fall so dramatically.  Again, this effect is known in every part of the world.  It is therefore clear that water vapour which makes up the cloud cover that is responsible for this clearly demonstrable insulating effect, but which, unlike CO2,  is not evenly distributed throughout the Earth’s atmosphere, is by far the most important greenhouse gas.  In comparison, the effect of CO2 as a contributor to the “greenhouse effect” is very minor.  You don’t need to be a genius, or even a University of East Anglia scientist, to work that out.

    The Global Warmers tell us that man-made CO2 emissions could be increasing the concentration of the gas in the atmosphere at a rate as high as 0.5% per year.  At this modest rate of increase, bearing in mind the demonstrably ineffective insulating qualities of the gas, I would suggest that we stop worrying about it and make a diary note to give the matter some further consideration in, say, about 500 years time.

    If long-term global warming is happening, which is not out of the question, but is not proven, man-made CO2 is not the culprit.  That being the case we should recognise that we’re not in a position to do anything to slow or reverse the trend.  Instead, we should spend the next couple of hundred years adapting our way of life to suit slightly warmer (or equally possibly cooler) climate conditions.

    Climate Fear!

    penguinsAt the Manoir du Moonlight the heating oil situation is giving cause for concern.  The winter has been so prolonged, with temperatures rarely above +50C and often below freezing that unless the weather warms up soon our private heating oil well might run dry sometime before May.

    The long cold winter has left Professor Moonlight in some confusion.  He is not a believer in man-made global warming. Indeed he is convinced we’re in for a period of 20 or 30 years of gradual cooling, so he is not surprised by this long cold winter, but he is now torn between feelings of smug satisfaction that nature seems to be bearing out his forecast, and the icy fear that in the near future he may be proved all too correct!

    The Professor is now looking into the possibility of moving to North Africa which he reckons will soon be empty, as its current inhabitants all seem to want to move to Britain.