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Red Cross Coffee Morning: words and pictures

Madame Potel Red Cross, Montreuil

Madame Potel of the Red Cross, Montreuil branch (right) teaches Diana Wood the correct way to gesticulate when singing in French

The Red Cross Coffee Morning held at Patrick and Sue Hay’s house in Conchil Le Temple raised a total of €523,  which has been shared equally between the Red Cross branches at Hesdin and Montreuil.

For the most part the weather was dry and warm.  Just a light splash of rain to interrupt the golf pitching competition, but not before Matthew Van Dyk had won a prize.  Diana Wood provided live music, including some lovely “chansons”, greatly appreciated by the French in the audience, and there were enough cakes to feed an army.

Red Cross coffee morning guests

The top people were all there

Many thanks to everyone who came and supported the event, especially those who baked cakes, worked on the books, coffee, and bring-and-buy stalls and to the artists and musician for their cultural contributions.

All photographs here were taken by Roger Di Vito.

Red Cross coffee morning guests

I caught one this big! Not that size really matters, of course

Red Cross coffee morning guests

Mme Potel, Mme Rossignol and Mme Bastien and their friends - strong supporters of the Red Cross in Montreuil and Hesdin