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Montreuil Christmas Crafts Market – the very place for the nicest gifts

We went to the Christmas craft market in Montreuil last Sunday and were most impressed, both by the variety and the quality of the handcrafted goods on sale.

Colourful and delicately-formed glass objets

Among our purchases were a nicely presented pot of home-made chutney, a very attractive and practical hand-made kitchen apron, a delicious Lemon Drizzle Cake a pot of something for skin-care (I think), and a couple of pieces of beautifully crafted objets made with tremendous skill and artistry in glass.

The range of jewellery, decorated household and personal items created by the talented glassworker we met at the fair would solve anyone’s Christmas gift problems.  How about a bookmark in brightly coloured swirls of glass, a pretty cheese knife or handsome salad server set with exotically coloured glass handles, or some exquisite hand-crafted jewellery, guaranteed unique? – something in the range is bound to charm even your most ungrateful, anti-Christmas, Uncle or Auntie Scrooge.

Salad servers - the perfect gift!

The young artist who makes these beautiful glass pieces goes by the fabulously Italian name of Paola Boccanfuso, appropriate enough, since she uses rods and beads of Murano glass for her creations.  But her workshop isn’t far away in Italy, it’s in Montreuil, and you can call in during normal afternoon shopping hours, every week Wednesday to Saturday, to browse her shelves and trays of goodies.

Here are the details:

Paola Boccanfuso, L’échoppe No 11, 11 rue du Clape-en-Bas, 62170 Montreuil s/ Mer.

If you’re lucky, Paola might be exhibiting at this weekend’s Christmas Market in Montreuil, or at one of the other Christmas Markets in the region during the next week or so.

If you can’t visit her workshop or find her at a Christmas market, you can always look up her delightfully quirky website where you can order online.