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Cinema Montreuil – lots to see

Here is the latest programme from Cinema Montreuil.  It shows all the films they’ll be screening over this weekend and up to Tuesday night.

Any film labelled VO is the original language soundtrack version (usually English, but check): any film labelled VOST is in the original language with French subtitles.

Click on the timetable to enlarge it.

Cinema Montreuil – 2 films to see this week

This week’s Cinema Montreuil programme

“8th Wonderland” (Monday October 4 at 20h30) is a thought provoking film and a winner of multiple prizes at film festivals worldwide.  In the future, fed up with the politics of their own countries, people are able to join a “virtual nation” on the internet, which eventually becomes a major force in world politics.

In “L’Autre Rive”, a film from Georgia which is a multiple prizewinner at film festivals worldwide, Tedo, aged 12 living as a refugee with his young mother, and supporting them both with his earnings from a job in a garage and some petty larceny on the side, sets off in search of his father, left behind on “the other side of the river”, beyond the border in his war-torn native province.

Cinema Montreuil – more news of English language films!

Click to see the week's full programme of screenings

The new English language film this week at Cinema Montreuil is “8th Wonderland“.

Set at some time in the future, it proposes the possibility of new “virtual countries” forming in cyberspace.  The “citizens” of these virtual countries are tired of the old corrupt and confrontational politics of the G8 nations and seek to bring about a new balance of world power.

Performances at Cinema Montreuil are scheduled for Friday 24 at 18h00, Saturday 25 at 21h45, Monday 27 at 17h30 and Tuesday 28 at 19h10.  Click the timetable above for the full week’s schedule.  (Films not dubbed into French are VO – those with French subtitles are VOST)

The Killer Inside Me” is also still showing for two more performances at Cinema Montreuil this week. You can see it on Thursday September 23 at 18h30 and Monday September 27 at 21h00.

We saw it last week and can thoroughly recommend it, although you need to be prepared for some brief moments of very graphic violence.

The violence, however is essential to the plot about a seemingly charming and friendly law officer in a small Texas town in the 1950s.  His sudden transformation into a vicious murderer shocks the town and his colleagues in the Sherriff’s department.  This is not a “Whodunnit”, it’s more of a “Can he get away with it?”

Cinema Montreuil – more English language films

The programme of English language films (with French subtitles) continues. The films are all top quality recent releases. (Cinema Montreuil was even showing the British hit film “Tamara Drewe” 2 weeks before its Première in London!)

This week’s film is “The Killer Inside Me”, starring Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson. Click here to watch the trailer.

It’s the story of a handsome, charming small town sherriff who finds himself in a spot of difficulty in his personal life.  His apparent tranformation into a warped, sadistic killer surprises everone, especially his victims.

See it on Friday (tonight) 17/9 at 20h00, Saturday 18/9 at 20h30 or Monday 20/9 at 17h30

  • London finally catches up with Montreuil sur Mer

    I see that “Tamara Drewe”, a new British film that is hotly tipped for cinema industry awards this year, has just had its premiere in Leicester Square (where else?), London.

    Presumably last night’s premiere audience had failed to read in Frogsiders that they could have watched the film in considerable comfort and style for only 5€50 each (OAP concession available) at Cinema Montreuil 3 weeks ago.

    For the record, we thought it was very funny with some excellent performances. It’s a story of lust and love in a country village, loosely based, apparently, on Thomas Hardy’s “Far From The Madding Crowd”.

    Another English language film at Cinema Montreuil

    If you didn’t go to see the recent British films at Cinema Montreuil because they seemed a bit too sweet and romantic for your taste, next week’s programme may have something more up your street – a Danish action adventure film in English – with French subtitles, natch!

    VALHALLA RISING is showing Monday 30th at 20h30 or Tuesday 31st at 15h30 (click here for the Cinema Montreuil site).  It was selected for the Venice Film Festival 2009, Toronto International Film Festival 2009, London Film Festival 2009 & International Film Festival Rotterdam 2010.

    The film tells the story of mute slave HARALD who escapes his Scottish masters with the help of 10 year old ARE, torturing and killing them before joining a band of dispossessed Vikings. They go to sea, determined to return to Scandinavia to fight the spread of Christianity, but for HARALD the journey is also a personal one to discover his own origins. Caught in a terrible storm, the group drift for 40 days until, on the verge of death, they find themselves in a freshwater river. The land seems at once strange yet familiar.

  • When they come under attack by unseen assailants, the groups’ quest for their homeland takes on a bitter urgency as one-by-one they succumb to the onslaught, dying at the hands of the invisibles. Worse, they are no clearer about where they are or if this place even exists outside their imagination. Have they finally reached the new world, or Valhalla?

    Apparently it was shot entirely in Scotland so homesick Scots and anyone who loves beautiful scenery should definitely go to see it.

  • Films in English, French and Spanish! at Cinema Montreuil

    Cinema Montreuil is presenting a wonderfully mixed programme this week with English, French and Spanish films.

    Continuing their policy of providing films in our own language for the British community in the Pas De Calais, Cinema Montreuil presents  “Tamara Drewe”, a comedy by Stephen Frears, set in the English countryside, in English with French sub-titles.

  • Also on this week’s programme are “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, “Yo Tambien”, an award-winning film in Spanish (with French subtitles), “Je Vous Aime Tres Beaucoup”, a french film which is the cinema proprietor’s personal selection, as well as the latest in the “Twilight” series along with other French and American films.

    We can report that Cinema Montreuil is very comfortable and that the welcome you’ll receive from the proprietor is most friendly.  We applaud this effort to provide entertainment for the British community.  Do go!

    You can find the full programme, with video trailers and times of performances on the Cinema Montreuil blog page