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Art Exhibition at St Georges – more details

It was unfortunate that the weather was windy and rather cool on Sunday when we paid a visit to La Chapelle de St Georges near Hesdin.

Entering the show by way of a well-restored private roadside chapel adjoining a house which provided a splendid venue, we were greeted warmly and colourfully by David Maiden’s oil paintings.

Jeannete Todd's Raku wall plaques

The wind made for rather uncomfortable viewing of the outdoor exhibits, and ceramic wall plaques by Jeannette Todd had to be removed from their hanging places and displayed, instead, lying flat on the concrete floor of an outbuilding, in case they blew down and shattered.  There was no doubt we lost the opportunity to see this exhibit at its best.

Nik Meergan’s large garden sculptures, on the other hand, lost nothing of their monumental quality in the rather dramatic weather.  His swirling organic creations stood firm while the wind howled through their metal Continue reading “Art Exhibition at St Georges – more details” »

Don’t miss this! – 5 artists exhibit work at St Georges

Chantal Cox présente

les œuvres de

Sally Elizabeth – joaillerie
Hilary Garner – aquarelles
David Maiden – peintures
Nik Meergans – sculptures
Jeanette Todd – céramiques

Exposition visible du 29 août au 5 septembre 2010 10h à 13h, 15h à 19h

The venue is 75 rue Principale, Saint Georges, 62770

All 5 artists are British, and two of them – Nik Meergans and Jeanette Todd –  are permanently based in France.  The work on show covers a range of skills and visions, from huge garden sculptures to ceramics, paintings, watercolours and jewellery.

Frogsiders hopes to be able to publish more news and photos very soon.