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Anglican Church Boulogne ~ February newsletter

The latest edition of the Anglican Church, Boulogne Congregation newsletter is now available.  It contains news of services, social events, a Diocesan appeal, a recipe for a traditional Polish Shrove Tuesday (or Thursday, in Poland) treat, and much more.

You can download it by clicking on the link below.

February 2013 Boulogne Anglican Church Congregation Newsletter

Anglican Church in Boulogne

On Sunday May 1 at 10.30 we shall be having our first Eucharist at our new location.

Monastère du Carmel – 2, rue du Denacre – 62280 SAINT MARTIN BOULOGNE – Tél : 03 21 31 66 63 – Fax : 03 21 91 75 01 – courriel : carmelites.stmartin@wanadoo.fr

We shall be serving a celebratory glass of bubbly after the service.
Also note that exceptionally, for May only, we shall be having a second 1030 service on Sunday May 15 instead of the scheduled 530 service – we hope to see as many as possible.

Graham’s quiz – it’s impossible!

Frogsiders has pleasure in announcing news of a challenging quiz which will suit only the most addicted puzzle solvers.  Be warned, however, even the most hardened of cryptic crossword solvers could suffer permanent severe brain torsion caused by the sudden mental twists and violent intellect warps this quiz might induce.

The puzzle-setter, Merlimont-resident Graham Hughes writes, “Since 1904 King William’s College on the Isle of Man has set a quiz for its pupils to occupy the little darlings over Christmas.  The Guardian has published this since 1951.  Judging by the television popularity of Mastermind, University Challenge etc quizzes are an increasingly  popular diversion even in these times of Wiis and PlayStations.

As some of you know I enjoy devising my own quizzes – indeed I have inflicted these on you from time to time.  This is another time!  I am sure you would like a challenging diversion over Christmas so I have devised a quiz which I reckon is well nigh impossible. The objective is to raise money for our poor little parish in France – Eglise Anglicane du Pas de Calais”.

Click here to download the quiz in .pdf format.

“Please have a go – send it to your friends and get them to send it to their friends.

As I say in the instructions, I don’t expect an all correct answer so the best attempts will win the prizes.  Oh by the way,  I forgot to mention that it will cost you £5 or €5 to enter.  But if you simply get some enjoyment and don’t feel you have done well enough, please support the cause by sending me a small donation anyway.

I understand that when a church in Stevenage did the same sort of thing they raised several hundred pounds so the prizes will be worthwhile!
Your answers may be sent to the special competition email address,  grahamsquiz@gmail.com , or by post, together with your church fund contribution,  to:
Graham Hughes
130 Impasse du Moulin
62155 France
If you send a cheque in pounds please make it payable to “Diocese in Europe”, in Euros to “ Association Cultuelle de L’Église Anglicane du Pas de Calais”
As usual the question-setter’s decision will be final but if you have comments or questions please let me know.”

Frogsiders view:  For good medical reasons we suggest only healthy, fit and mentally stable people try this quiz.  We don’t think any normal human could come up with all the correct answers, and therefore suggest you only attempt it if you currently have plenty of hair left on your head to pull out.  Frogsiders will not be responsible for any damage to persons or property, howsoever caused.

The big coffee morning

The Macmillan Cancer Support coffee morning took place today at the home of Anne and Jeremy Towler and was a warm and sunny occasion in spite of the weather forecast which suggested a cold and soaking wet day.  Guests were not deterred by the meteorologists and came from as far as Arras in the East and Berck in the West.

The Spice Girls clucked, strutted, flapped and preened, and kept their distance down at far end of the garden from the many visitors.  Two guard dogs welcomed all, quietly but firmly making arriving visitors aware of their protective presence, surveying the goings-on, but otherwise remaining almost unnoticed in the background.  Just for one moment I thought I saw a cat, clearly the strategic master-mind behind the operation, keeping a watching brief on its human and doggy subordinates and directing events with an occasional imperious flick of the tail.

Coffee, cakes and biscuits were in plentiful supply and guests, try as they might, could only make a modest impression on the cornucopia of refreshment.   The Tombola, Bring and Buy counter and Book Stall did a roaring trade, as visitors generously dug deep in their pockets to support the good cause. It turned out to be Merelina Ponsonby’s lucky day – she won the tombola prize of 6 bottles of wine.

I was lucky enough to make a number of new acquaintances, including Sara MacVane, the new Anglican minister, and a lady from Arras who had won her own weight in apples the previous day.

At the final reckoning (subject to confirmation by the Cat In Charge) a total of 635 euros and a 5 pound note had been collected on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support.  It is not known if the Spice Girls donated any eggs.

Many of today’s generous supporters will be attending or helping at the Anglican Church Harvest Fete tomorrow.  And, if you can’t be there, or even if you can, you might also be interested in a charity event in November


On Tuesday 16th November in the Upper Room

(Diocesan House, Rue d’Amiens, Arras)

From 10.00 to 15.00

A sale of second-life quality clothes/shoes/accessories… Refreshments available…. and of course come for a chat

All proceeds to charity.  Contact Kate 03 21 58 57 56