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Exhibition of Paintings by Chris – Invitation to Vernissage

The exhibition, Fragments de Vies, by the award winning artist Chris, runs from September 25 to October 16.  (See days and hours of opening on the poster below)

Frogsider readers are invited to the Vernissage on September 30 at 17h30



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The Ugliest Building In France?

On the way back from Paris the other day I caught sight of the building I would nominate as the ugliest in France. I am talking about the Tour Perret in Amiens, which ruins a skyline that should be dominated by the city’s great gothic cathedral.

This monstrous tower’s brutal architecture and contextual inappropriateness is unequalled in France, or even the world. In an old city of low rise buildings, where the superb medieval cathedral can be seen for miles around, it looks as if giant trogolodyte aliens forced their way up from the earth’s core, abandoning their drill bit once it reached the open air.

Apparently the architect, Auguste Perret, was highly thought of in the first half of the 20th century. He once proposed a ring of dozens of similarly awful towers, spaced every few hundred yards around what is now the Paris peripherique.

The people of Paris had a narrow escape. Unfortunately Amiens was the loser.

If you think you know of an uglier building in France – name and shame it!