Science Section

Luckily for us Dr Geoffrey Dobson has agreed to write some popular science articles for Frogsiders.

Don’t worry!  This is science for the layman – if you’re not a scientist* you might find it helps explain some things in terms you can understand.

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The Dark Universe

The Golden Mean and Fibonacci numbers

Global Warming?

Are We Alone in the Universe?

Never Mind My Carbon Footprint – Where’s My Tin Hat?

Hadron Collider and the Waldegrave Question

Dr Dobson has also posted a number of Blog posts on scientific subjects.  You can find these by “Categories” menu and clicking on “Science and Technology”.

* If, on the other hand, you are a scientist, Frogsiders asks you to please explain, as best you can, to the world’s press and political leaders that the relatively tiny amounts of CO2 gas in the atmosphere generated by human fossil fuel burning, farming and industrial activity are highly unlikely to be a significant factor among the many possible causes of any global warming that might, or might not, be currently taking place.
Please also explain that CO2 is not a pollutant, but an absolutely essential constituent of the air we need to breathe, and that without enough of it there could be no life on Earth.
We understand that because of the political and financial interests lined up behind the CAGW myth, you risk potential damage to your careers by individually telling the truth about the “catastrophic man-made global warming” (CAGW) scam, but speaking together you could maybe just carry enough weight to blow this miserable conspiracy out of the water for good.