What is a Frogsider?

Who are Frogsiders?  Well, most of us are British, but some may come from Ireland, Canada, Australia, South Africa, or from countries where our native language was English.  Most Frogsiders live here in Northern France, others spend a lot of  time here in their second homes.  If we’re not in either of those groups, then we’re regular visitors hoping one day to have a place of our own in the region.

Such people are to be found all over France, but you can loosely define Frogsiders as inhabiting French territory  within a 100 minutes or so driving time from the channel ports.  The Nord Pas De Calais, the Picardy Coast and part of  the Somme are our stomping grounds, and not necessarily because we cross back to Britain more often than Brits who live in any other part of France – many of us dread the obligatory family reunion trip – but because in this region we have found the unspoiled peaceful charm of agricultural France with hills, steep-sided valleys, quiet villages and historic market towns, yet we’re only two hours drive from Paris and we have superb motorway and rail connections to 3 more major capital cities, none of which is more than 4 hours away by car.  Unlike residents and homeowners in other parts of France we don’t have to rely on Ryanair to be able to get to and from here quickly and cheaply.

You may have other reasons for choosing this region.   Why not let us know, either by writing a piece for our blog pages or contacting us through our Contact Form?  We are always interested and it’s easy to become a contributing author.

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