by Ian Blackshaw

cronquelet1This is a country inn, near Saint-Josse, with good honest country cooking using fine locally sourced ingredients – the mark of fine French cuisine bourgeoise! It has been described as ‘a home from home’ and you will certainly receive a very warm welcome from the chef-patron, Jean-Pierre, a well-travelled bon viveur!

You will eat in a rustic dining-room, adorned with an eclectic assortment of antiques and good taste bric a brac and be served by the faithful Philippe-Konan, from the Ivory Coast.

A large earthen-wear pot of homemade country pate will appear on your table with freshly-baked crusty French bread and gherkins and you will be encouraged to eat as much as you can – it comes gratis as part of the welcome! We often have this as our starter, but, in fact, there some nine starters to choose from! There are eleven main courses and a fine desserts trolley, the latter comprising some half-a-dozen delights to choose from, including a tasty rice pudding! And, if you are still hungry at the end of the meal, you can choose a little of each and make up your own ‘assiette gourmande’!

The food is complemented by a small and selective but good wine list and the prices are reasonable.

The signature dish of the house is magret de canard – one of my favourite French dishes, and, being close to the coast (la cote d’opale), there is also fresh fish on the menu.

cronquelet2For a two course menu with a good bottle of wine, expect to pay about €75 for two persons.

If you are planning to go there at the weekend, you will need to reserve a table, as the restaurant is very popular, especially for Sunday lunch!

There is also a separate dining-room, the site of the old communal forge, and known as ‘l’ancienne forge’, which can accommodate up to 50 people for special lunches, dinners or receptions.

The restaurant is closed on Tuesdays.

Contact details:

L’Auberge du Cronquelet

3, rue de Montreuil


  • I’m a bit mystified by positive reviews of this restaurant. I must admit I’ve only eaten there once – but this is because I am too discouraged to go again.

    I thought the food was average and therefore over-priced, and the maitre d’ was downright rude. We arrived 10 minutes early, which I apologised for, as our errand en route took less time than expected. The maitre d’ was clearly put out, stuck us on a couple of chairs in an empty dining room, wouldn’t accept a drinks order and wouldn’t show us a menu. When our ten minutes had expired, we were moved to our table, had menus thrust at us and our order taken without a single second of eye contact. Frankly, even if the food were fabulous, I’m disinclined to go again.

  • Siggy

    I must say I have always had a reasonable meal here but felt that quantity was the reason most people give it a good review.When listening to devotees I get the impresson that they are most imressed by the pate which is put on the table at the begining of the meal and the fact that they leave the pudding trolly for guests to help themselves several times if desired. Personaly I find one pud more than enough and being a vegetarian I am amlost sick at the smell of the blasted potted liver. Hence this is not my favourite place either. As for the bloke in charge, I too have heard that he is rude but never experienced that for myself.

  • johny_cakephp23

    I like your post very much