Dr. Desfrites Answers Your Questions!

by Dr. Professor Leroy Desfrites

Doctor Leroy Desfrites

Bonjour mes amis!

I am back from a long and exhausting lecture tour of South America.  It should not have been a long tour, as I was only booked to speak once – a talk on “Chaos Theory And Its Relevance vis-a-vis  the  Effects of Argentinian Corned Beef on  Climate Change”, at the People’s Free University of Fray Bentos.  Unfortunately I made an rather unwise and  possibly politically incorrect proposition to a mature but expensively dressed woman, who turned out to be Madame President Kirchner.  My suggestion of a quiet weekend, à deux, in my Falkland Islands holiday home, resulted in a stay of several weeks under house arrest at a remote Holiday Camp formerly owned by the Secret Police.

On my happy return to La Belle France I found a massive bag of unanswered mail, among which was the following question from one of my most dedicated fans, who wishes to remain anonymous  – let us call him Jean Deaux.

Jean asks: “Dear Dr. Lesfrites, When will house prices in France recover?”

But my dear Jean, house prices do not need to recover.  They have never fallen.  I have decided, for instance, to ask a higher price now, for my charming apartment in the picturesquely named fashionable Paris quartier of Clichy-Sous-Bois, than I was asking 2 years ago.  Clearly the price has increased!

Luxury Apartment For Sale - €1.5m

In fact, Jean, I am very happy to say that this substantial increase in the price of my house has made me feel much richer, as a result of which I am planning to call on my Bank Manager for a large loan, and to invest the money, through my brokers PMU,  on a promising horse that I have been told about.  I may even enjoy the extravagance of a coffee and a little Calvados as I watch the performance of my equine investment on the TV.

All I need now is a footballer, football club owner, or other person of huge wealth and great naivety to hand over several million euros for my slum luxury apartment!

I hope this answers your question, Jean, and helps you to understand how we of superior intellect are always the creators of wealth, while everyone else is condemned to a life of miserable poverty.  Enjoy!