BOGOF Week in Restaurants 17 to 23 September

You know how the French keep inventing new Festival of this and Foire de that kind of things?  Well, apparently there’s a week called “Tous au Restaurant“, from 17 to 23 September, which is supposed to get us all rushing off to eat in a local restaurant.

Here is a link to the Tous au Restaurant web page.  Like many French websites it is not very well designed, not particularly informative at first glance, and full of exhortational wordy messages that don’t really tell you what the benefits to you, the customer, are.  For instance, “A week during which more than a thousand restaurateurs throughout France mobilise themselves for the public.”

Isn’t that what they should be doing every week?

It falls to Frogsiders, therefore, to explain, before you get too bored with wading through the French text,  that this is a BOGOF offer in a number (unfortunately a small number in our region) of restaurants throughout France.

A special menu is offered at the participating restaurants, on the basis that the second diner eats free.  You can find out which restaurants are taking part in the offer, and reserve your table, by searching on the Tous au Restaurant website.  It doesn’t necessarily tell you the price of the menu, though, or what’s on it, so you might have to phone the restaurant if you want to know more.  We found one restaurant, in Le Touquet, where the price was given as 25 euros, Monday-Friday only.

Don’t get too excited – there are two restaurants in Le Touquet, three around Boulogne, one in Calais, one near Ardres , and three in the Bethune area.  That’s about it for the Nord/Pas De Calais.

Editor’s Note:  Since writing the above final paragraph, we have found out there are, in fact, several dozen Nord/Pas De Calais restaurants taking part in the Tous au Restaurant promotion.  Here is a link to the complete alphabetical list of participating establishments.