Cinema Montreuil – more news of English language films!

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The new English language film this week at Cinema Montreuil is “8th Wonderland“.

Set at some time in the future, it proposes the possibility of new “virtual countries” forming in cyberspace.  The “citizens” of these virtual countries are tired of the old corrupt and confrontational politics of the G8 nations and seek to bring about a new balance of world power.

Performances at Cinema Montreuil are scheduled for Friday 24 at 18h00, Saturday 25 at 21h45, Monday 27 at 17h30 and Tuesday 28 at 19h10.  Click the timetable above for the full week’s schedule.  (Films not dubbed into French are VO – those with French subtitles are VOST)

The Killer Inside Me” is also still showing for two more performances at Cinema Montreuil this week. You can see it on Thursday September 23 at 18h30 and Monday September 27 at 21h00.

We saw it last week and can thoroughly recommend it, although you need to be prepared for some brief moments of very graphic violence.

The violence, however is essential to the plot about a seemingly charming and friendly law officer in a small Texas town in the 1950s.  His sudden transformation into a vicious murderer shocks the town and his colleagues in the Sherriff’s department.  This is not a “Whodunnit”, it’s more of a “Can he get away with it?”