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Northern France – Great Biking Country

This part of France seems to be wonderful cycling country. And if that sounds a little hesitant, it’s only because being a recent recruit to the cycling cause I can’t claim to have a great deal of knowledge about the cycle-friendliness of all of the countryside in the whole of the region.

I was recently persuaded back onto a bike again after Continue reading “Northern France – Great Biking Country” »

Northern France Scores Better Than Par for Golfers

The English gave so many sports to the World that that it’s nice for a change to find one that’s generally agreed to have its origins in Scotland. Although games similar to golf are on historic record as having been played in Holland and other countries, it is beyond dispute that the modern game is derived from the Scottish version.

Devotees of golf call it the greatest of all games. By its very nature it teaches patience, humility, concentration, and even-temper, while good manners and fair play are implicit in the rules. The player himself is the referee, recording his own accidental infractions and always awarding himself the appropriate penalty prescribed by the rules – no protests, arguments or intimidation. Imagine that in a game of football!

Golf came to France with British visitors in the Continue reading “Northern France Scores Better Than Par for Golfers” »

Le Touquet Races, Sunday August 19: Starts at 14h30!

50 shades of grey?

If you’re going to the races at Le Touquet on Sunday you might have to make a  slightly earlier start than you had planned.

Originally the word was that the programme would start at 4pm (16h00).  Frogsiders has now been informed that the meeting will actually start at 2.30pm (14h30), and this is indeed the time specified on the Le Touquet Hippodrome website.

Usually the British expatriate community are invited to a meeting with a mixed programme of Flat and Jump races, so it is surprising to find that the programme advertised on the racecourse website calendar for August 19 is scheduled to comprise 8 Trotting races.

Will it be a "Trotting" meeting?

Whatever the programme on the day, however, we are sure it will be a very pleasant occasion, with lots to see and do, and plenty of excitement.


Betting on French racecourses is by the Tote system.  There are a number of different types of bet you can place. Here is our summary and guide.


This is the simplest type of bet.  Pick a horse and decide if you want to bet on it to win, or to finish in the top 3 places.

To place this type of bet, go to the  Tote window and say “Gagnant, le …” (followed by the number of your chosen horse) for a Win bet, or “Placé, le …” (number of horse) for a Place bet.

If your horse wins, go back to one of the Tote windows, hand over your ticket and collect your winnings.  If you bet on your horse to be placed, and it finishes in the first 3 (or first 2 if there are between 4 and 7 starters in the race) you will equally be able to collect your winnings by handing over your ticket at the window.

Couplé gagnant

Pick 2 horses.  You will win if your 2 horses are placed first and second, in whichever order they cross the line.  (But in races of 4 to 7 starters you have to specify the actual winning order)

To place this bet, go to the Tote window and say, “Couplé gagnant, le … et le …”  (inserting the numbers of your 2 chosen horses in the spaces)

Couplé placé

Pick two horses as above.  With this bet you win if both your horses are placed anywhere in the first 3 finishers.

For this type of bet there has to be a minimum of 8 starters in the race.

At the Tote window, place your bet by saying, “Couplé placé le … et le …” indicating, of course, the numbers of the horses you have chosen, but not specifying any particular order in which they’ll finish.


For this bet you have to nominate the 3 horses finishing in the first 3 places, but not the finishing order. Trios are restricted to races with more than 8 starters.

At the Tote ask for, “Trio …” (followed by the numbers of your 3 selected horses)

Trio ordre

The “Trio ordre” bet may be permitted in races where there are less than 8 starters.  It’s the same as a Trio, but you have to get the finishing order right in order to claim a win.

Again, just ask for a Trio, giving the numbers of your 3 selected runners.

TV screens around the Tote counters (under the grandstand) will show the projected winnings for each horse before the race.  These projections will change as bets are placed, depending on the popularity of the horse.  After the race the screens will show winning punters how much the various types of bet will have won.

Good Luck!

A Rugby Club for Local Schoolchildren

Association Sportive Rugby Val de Canche et d’Authie

The principal objective of the school is to initiate the children of the community of the commune of the Valley of the Canche and Authie in the practice of rugby; and to transmit through this sport, the values of brotherhood, respect, honesty, loyalty and team spirit in the effort against violence.
(23 communes)

L’objectif principal de l’école est d’initier les enfants de la communauté de commune du Val de Canche et d’Authie à la pratique du rugby et de transmettre, à travers ce sport, les valeurs de fraternité, d’esprit d’équipe, de recherche de l’effort, de loyauté, de respect, de lutte contre la violence et de fête.

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