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Fete du Hareng Roi – November 9-10 at Etaples

All this week at Etaples, volunteers from the “Bons Z’Enfants”, an association dedicated to maintaining local traditions, will be hard at work preparing for the 21st annual “Hareng Roi”.

To find out more about their preparations, take a look at the Hareng Roi website where you’ll learn about the enthusiasm and energy that goes into the production of this traditional festival celebrating the historic importance of the annual herring migration to the port’s fishing fleet..

If you are looking for something interesting and entertaining to do next weekend, the Hareng Roi at Etaples is our suggestion.  You’ll be tempted by the aroma from the outdoor barbecues where the herrings (smoked, marinaded or plain) are char-grilled to perfection by salty looking mariners in traditional seagoing fisherman’s garb.  Meanwhile the ladies of Etaples, in traditional costume complete with lace headresses, cut baguettes and prepare and serve fish soup, tarts, tartines, vin chaud and other accompaniments to the famous herring.

The meal is taken under cover of marquees, sitting at long communal tables, mixing with other visitors to the town, while entertainment is provided by singers and bands playing music with a nautical theme while dressed in appropriate costume.  The cost will come to between 5 and 10 euros a head, depending on how much you want to eat and drink.  You would be hard pushed to find better value for a satisfying meal and an entertaining outing, anywhere.

There’s also an exhibition area with a wide variety of art and craft work on show, as well as demonstrations of maritime ropework, lace headress making, model boat making and other traditional local activities.  Some of the stalls sell local cheeses, jams, biscuits, etc.

The quayside at Etaples is a very buzzy place to be during the Hareng Roi and it’s well worth a visit even if you don’t intend to eat the delicious grilled fish.

“Portes Ouvertes des Ateliers d’Artistes” ~ les 18, 19 et 20 octobre 2013

John Hutton in La Grange Blanche with 'Flight'

Don’t forget this is the weekend when artists in the Pas De Calais open their studio doors to the public.

Among those artists, John Hutton, based at Neuville near Montreuil, will be most happy to welcome you.  John’s  large painting “Flight”, seen in the photo above, encapsulates one of the heroic scale works made in his studio, La Grange Blanche within a ten year period. The majority of work exhibited in this show has been shown in France and abroad.

Opening times on 18/ 19/ 20/ October at La Grange Blanche are 14.00 hrs to 18.00hrs.

La Grange Blanche
43 rue de Montreuil
Neuville sous Montreuil 62170

If you are interested in contemporary works then you are welcome to visit.

For more information on the “Portes Ouvertes des Ateliers d’Artistes” event, with list and locations of all participating artists and studios, click on this link to visit the POAA Nord website.

Book Review – Bernard Cornwell’s “Azincourt”

600 years ago the battlefield of Agincourt must have looked very much the same as it does now. There’s still barely a house in sight, and no doubt then, as now, a couple of village church towers poked their spires above trees on the skyline. In the wide landscape of the plateau between Hesdin and Fruges, at around 500 feet above sea level, the weather often seems wetter, windier and colder than it is in the valleys just a few miles away. If you drive up from Blangy on a wet autumn day, following the route taken by Henry V’s army, it’s not hard to imagine how shattered and defeated the English soldiers might have felt as they crested the hill at Maisoncelle, after 17 days of hard marching, to find a huge, well-prepared French army waiting to destroy them.

In Bernard Cornwell’s novel ‘Azincourt’ the campaign that culminates in the famous battle is related from the point of view of one of the 5000 archers who made up around 80% of the English army. As usual Cornwell’s central character is a man apart, a misfit in conflict with most of those around him, but whose fighting ability, loyalty and tactical instinct endow Continue reading “Book Review – Bernard Cornwell’s “Azincourt”” »

New Montreuil Art Group – Learn to Draw and Paint

Artist Peter Wyart is forming a new art group for anyone who wants to learn the basics of drawing and painting, or to improve their technical and interpretive skills.

Peter lives and paints near Montreuil and has frequently exhibited in galleries and art shows in the region.


The impossible Christmas Quiz – again!

Just a reminder that you can have many hours of head-scratching fun this Christmas by trying to fathom out the answers to The Impossible Quiz devised by Graham Hughes.

If you want to have a go, just download the quiz in .pdf format by clicking on this link.

If you are already doing the quiz and (most likely) you’re stuck, or if (very unlikely) you think you have completed it correctly, you can get all the answers by sending a donation, via Graham, to the Anglican Church in the Pas De Calais.

I have now added Graham’s contact details to the Quiz sheet, but if you don’t find it when you download the file, (right click on the speech bubble at the bottom of the first page) please contact Frogsiders via our Contact Page and we’ll put you in touch.

Another Impossible Quiz!

You might remember a fiendishly difficult quiz that was set by Graham Hughes for Frogsider readers 2 years ago.  Well, he’s done it again.

It seems nothing can stop Graham from taking delight in torturing innocent people who only want to spend a little time over Christmas taking part in a harmless family intellectual entertainment.  Be warned!  This quiz is not for anyone of a nervous disposition.  Any attempt to find all the answers to Graham’s questions might lead to you spending Christmas and New Year under sedation and round-the-clock medical care.

But, if you are determined to try to do yourselves serious brain damage, click this link to download the Quiz questions. Frogsiders will not be responsible for the consequences.

The aim of the quiz, by the way, is to raise money for the Anglican Church in the Pas De Calais.

More Than Just A Christmas Craft Market

The Christmas Craft Market that Frogsiders prefers is the one that’s held each year in Montreuil at 119 rue Pierre Ledent. This year it will take place on Saturday and Sunday, 1 & 2 December.

First, it’s held in the indoor comfort of a magnificent house with vast rooms. Second, the quality of the craft items on show is first class, and they are all genuinely the product of local craftspeople (unlike some of the stuff at other Christmas Markets). And, finally, it is as much a meeting place as a shopping expedition. You will meet people you know (or would like to know) there, some you may not have seen since last December’s event.

For both shopping and social reasons Frogsiders says “Do Not Miss It!”

The “Come Back Sarkozy” Song # by Josh Stanley

And here are the words:

Nicolas Sarkozy revient je t’en prie viens nous sauver la vie
Mr. Le Président, les Français ne sont pas content, il faut changer le gouvernement.

Tout ce que t’as juré,, tu n’y arriveras jamais; il est temps de dégager.
Je dois avouer, que t’as essayé, mais t’as échoué
Les Allemands nous ont soutenus, Maintenant on l’a dans le cul, on est mal

Nicolas Sarkozy, revient je t’en prie, vient nous sauver la vie.
Les impôts nous font couler
Peugeot Renault se sont cassés
Arnaud s’est barré.

La case de gauche était cochée,
52% se sont trompés
On va le rectifier

Tous ce que t’a jurer, tu n’y arriveras jamais; il est temps de dégager.
Je doit avouer, que t’as essayer, mais ta échouer.

Nicolas Sarkozy, revient je t’en prie, vient nous sauver la vie.
Les impôts nous font couler
Peugeot Renault se sont cassés
Arnaud s’est barré.

Nicolas Sarkozy, revient je t’en prie, vient nous sauver la vie.

Nico c’est a toi
On ne baissera pas les bras
On te soutiendra

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