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Human Rights and the Roma

So far Frogsiders has made no comment on the clearing of “Roma” encampments in France and the repatriation of their gypsy inhabitants to Romania.

Now, however, it’s time to get this matter into perspective.  Something that evidently the Gypsy leader, Iulian Radulescu, does not want to happen.

Gypsy "leader", Iulian Radulescu

He recently compared French President Nicolas Sarkozy to Romania’s pro-Nazi wartime dictator Marshal Ion Antonescu.  Radulescu suggested the expulsions were similar to those carried out by Antonescu’s regime in 1942, when 25,000 gypsies were deported from Romania to the Soviet region of Trans-Dniester. Some 11,000 of them died from exposure, typhus, starvation and thirst.

“Sarkozy is doing what Antonescu did,” Radulescu said.  Newspapers around the world (literally) have actually printed this ridiculous Continue reading “Human Rights and the Roma” »

“Strictly” returns – and so does Monsieur Joël

Strictly Come Dancing presenters Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly Photo: BBC

So, Strictly Come Dancing is back this week, and this time I have even heard of most of the contestants.  Not that it matters much if I don’t know who they are at the start of each series, because by halfway through I can’t help knowing about all of them – and having a couple of favourites.

There are lots of good things about Strictly Come Dancing, quite apart from the real excitement of seeing people start out about as good at dancing as I am, and develop into wonderfully graceful movers a few weeks later.  For a start there’s Bruce Forsyth’s “I’m in charge” corny-ness, which takes me straight back to the days when TV variety programmes were a sort of updated Music Hall.  Bruce is such a safe pair of hands as a compere because he’s done it all and seen it all before, so although he encourages the impression Continue reading ““Strictly” returns – and so does Monsieur Joël” »

Art Exhibition at St Georges – more details

It was unfortunate that the weather was windy and rather cool on Sunday when we paid a visit to La Chapelle de St Georges near Hesdin.

Entering the show by way of a well-restored private roadside chapel adjoining a house which provided a splendid venue, we were greeted warmly and colourfully by David Maiden’s oil paintings.

Jeannete Todd's Raku wall plaques

The wind made for rather uncomfortable viewing of the outdoor exhibits, and ceramic wall plaques by Jeannette Todd had to be removed from their hanging places and displayed, instead, lying flat on the concrete floor of an outbuilding, in case they blew down and shattered.  There was no doubt we lost the opportunity to see this exhibit at its best.

Nik Meergan’s large garden sculptures, on the other hand, lost nothing of their monumental quality in the rather dramatic weather.  His swirling organic creations stood firm while the wind howled through their metal Continue reading “Art Exhibition at St Georges – more details” »

Anglican Church in Pas De Calais – updated calendar

Each month Frogsiders publishes the latest Anglican Church calendar for the region.  You can find it and download it by following this link to the Frogsiders Church page.

This month you’ll find details of an important fund-raising Harvest Fete event on September 25.

We have not yet received the latest Boulogne congregation newsletter but we’ll provide a link to download that, too, as soon as we have it.

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